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Why the world needs Whistleblowers | Grossly Unethical Experiments

Cambridge Analytica revelations makes us want to celebrate the incredible, seriously brave work of journalists, whistle-blowers and publishers (and dreamers) fighting back. Without them, where would we be? George Orwell, if he were alive, would endorse some of the films we can show you on these subjects:

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Media silence: NT Govt caught stealing $2 billion

The scathing report from The Australian came at a time when all eyes were on the NT after a shocking case of child sexual abuse hit Tennant Creek.

While many people have their fingers pointed directly at Aboriginal communities, no one seems to be questioning the $2 billion of Indigenous funding that was taken out of Indigenous aid budgets by the NT Govt. Can you honestly say that problems would be so bad in these communities if the $2 billion was invested like it was supposed to be?

The report revealed that successive governments under-spent on allocated Indigenous and remote disadvantage GST funding. The total of under-spending has now reached around $2.2 billion dollars. In 2014, we saw outrage when Tony Abbot and Warren Mundine announced nationwide Indigenous budget cuts of over $500 million. Now it has been revealed that $2 billion was stripped secretly from some of the most disadvantaged Aboriginal communities and there is nothing but silence.

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U.N. Declares World Bee Day | Woollahra Municipal Council kills 50,000 bees in Sydney | Host an event.

World Bee Day. Every year on this day, the attention of the global public will be drawn to the importance of preserving bees and other pollinators. People will be reminded of the importance of bees for the entire humanity and invited to take concrete action to preserve and protect them. It’s a shame the Woollahra Municipal Council didn’t get the memo, after recently killing 50,000 bees (article here)

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Owners Club

Antidote Owners’ Club – when the internet is not enough One Club to Own them All! The Antidote Owners Club is your chance to own our whole, growing collection on DVD – still the most reliable, highest quality way to watch a film, without going to the cinema. At...

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School Life

"JOYOUS AND HUMANE" A moving, heartwarming look at youth, thoughful discourse, and the emotional and intellectual power of artistic endeavours." ~ Gary Garrison, The Playlist "Without a doubt, viewers will recognise a beloved figure from their own school years in the...

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