Genre: Documentary

DVD: Available Now

Format: DVD

Rating: E – Exempt

Run Time: 91minutes

Languages: English

Director: Judith Ehrlich



The Boys Who Said NO! by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Judith Ehrlich, is the story of a mass movement of young people who choose conscience over killing, modelling their movement on the civil rights movement that preceded and who ultimately prevail. Ehrlich’s exploration of resistance is especially timely as emboldened resistance movements emerge in the U.S. and worldwide. Folk music diva Joan Baez, who learned the power of nonviolence from the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. plays a central role. Dr. King visits Baez during her 45 day-jail term in Santa Rita Prison for blocking the Oakland Induction Center. He links the racial justice and peace movements in an impassioned speech delivered at the prison gates. And Dr. King stands at the side of World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali after he refuses induction – an act of faith heard round the world. Dr. King, Ali and Baez ground viewers in the historical moment. But it is protagonists whose names are nearly lost to history who make draft resistance a mass movement and who drive our story. Ali declares his sacrifice small compared to the men nobody knows. “I look at them as being more great than I am,” he says.

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