More Than Honey

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Genre: Documentary

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Format: DVD

Rating: G

Run Time: 91 minutes

Languages: English/German (English subtitles)

Director: Markus Imhoof

More Than Honey film award laurels

More Than Honey

Worldwide, millions of honeybee colonies are dying each year. Is this just a momentary fluke? in the unwritten contract between human and bee or are we facing the early stages of a total collapse of the system? Is it caused by bees or us?

Far from being a casual curiosity, the death of honeybees gains frightening importance when we consider that they pollinate a third of all the food we eat!

A complete understanding about the causes of death are yet to be determined, but one thing is certain: We are not just dealing with a few dead insects, and there’s more at stake than just a bit of honey. “If the bee goes extinct, man will surely follow within four years” is how Albert Einstein might have worded the problem.

Searching for answers, More than Honey takes us around the world to meet people living with and off honeybees. On our trip we meet almond growers in California, a Swiss mountain beekeeper, a neuroscientist investigating bee brains in Berlin, a pollen dealer in China, and a bee researcher in Australia. We even get to see “killer bees” invading the New World. We gain spectacular visual insights into the beehive – a fascinating world of fighting queens and dancing workers, of highly sophisticated swarm intelligence, where the individual constantly serves the requirements of the community.

The relationship between humans and honeybees tells us a lot about ourselves, about nature and about our future. We understand that stability is just as unhealthy as unlimited growth and that it is crisis and catastrophe that fuels evolutionary developments. And we learn that a remedy might sometimes arise in the camouflage of a catastrophe and from a totally unexpected source.

Everybody talks about the death of the honeybee. “More than Honey” shows us more about it’s life.

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Make Hummus Not War is now available to watch online at beamafilm


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More than Honey – Published Reviews

“This is the CITIZEN KANE of bee documentaries.”
Ain’t It Cool News

“Spectacularly beautiful”
Stephen Holden, New York Times

“Poses philosophical questions about the ways bees interact with humans
…a curious, audacious mix of personal essay film and nature documentary.”
Drew Hunt, Slant

“[A] marvellous bee-centric documentary
…a delightful, informative, and suitably contemplative study of the bee world and the bee-population crisis”
Stephanie Zacharek, The Village Voice

“Richly documented and lavishly photographed
…Imhoof obtains stunning images of (bees) at work.”
Dan Fainaru, Screen Daily

“Makes a convincing argument for the role of bees sustaining both organic and industrial concerns
…(an) effective melding of science and aesthetic delights.”
Eric Kohn, Indiewire

“You feel like going into a magical Narnia like world.”
WKCR Radio New York

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