Black Hole

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Genre: Documentary

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Format: DVD

Rating: M – Mature themes and coarse language

Run Time: 104 minutes

Languages: English

Director: João Dujon Pereira


Black Hole

Before Standing Rock, before Adani, Before Shenhua – there was Maules Creek controversial open cut coal mine and the destruction of sacred burial sites.

This film reveals unseen footage of coal, corruption and community resistance of one of Australia’s most controversial mining projects – Whitehaven’s Maules Creek Coal Mine in the Leard State Forest.

Coal, corruption and community resistance. In light of Adani and Shenhua approvals and the government’s move to strip communities of the right to challenge government decisions under the EPBC. Also with subsequent issues concerning the radicalisation awareness kit the film is especially pertinent.

Set against the backdrop of the mining industry’s ever-increasing thirst for fossil fuels, Black Hole is an intense and riveting exposé. Revealing unseen footage of the Maules Creek coal mine blockade, police misconduct, corporate spies and the destruction of sacred Indigenous burial sites, Black Hole brings to life the power imbalance between big corporations and communities.

Black Hole is an intensely riveting exposé of the ongoing battle to save the last of an endangered woodland forest from being cleared to make way for the most controversial largest open cut coal mine in production in Australia.

If you care about our land, our earth and our right to life – you need to see Black Hole and learn how communities and collectives working together CAN defeat the soul-less corporate entities.

These are some of the keynotes from the film:

• In light of the government’s recent attempts to strip communities of their right to challenge the approval of environmentally damaging projects like coal mines, the
film is especially pertinent.

• The film highlights that the current expansion of open cut coalmines is a great risk to Australia’s land and water resources. Although the film is focussed on the Maules creek campaign, it is indicative of the potential threats on a national scale.

• Black Hole highlights Whitehaven’s disregard for the rights and cultural heritage of the Gomeroi Traditional Owners and shows footage of the destruction of sacred Gomeroi burial sites.

• The film includes footage of corporate spies being unveiled by activists at the Leard Blockade.

• Black Hole is a heartening reminder of the power of community resistance even if it doesn’t achieve the desired ends. A reminder that we must stand up.

Black Hole – Official Trailer

Online Viewing

Black Hole is now available to watch online at beamafilm


Watch Audience Reviews

“Black Hole is one of the most important Australian documentaries producedin the last 34 years in this country. It covers environmental activism like no other film and covers one of our biggest challenges
to Climate change; the export of coal.”
Prof. Peter Christoff – Climate Politics and Policy – University of Melbourne

“In the four-year history of the event, no film has ever received such an overwhelming response, complete with a 2 minute standing ovation!”
Livia Cullen – Co – Director of Environmental Film Festival Australia

“Black Hole shows the Maules Creek farming community in NSW being overrun and bludgeoned by Whitehaven Coal, and its political, legal and corporate allies. This shocking documentary culminates in the nation of Australia’s indifference to an Aboriginal boy’s tears as his heritage
is destroyed. The film is a riveting wake-up on the vast and greedy forces overrunning Earth’s ability to cope. Every Australian should see this film, not least Tony Abbott.” Bob Brown – The Bob Brown Foundation

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