Tim Flannery searches for climate leadership in the new documentary, Climate Changers

Directed by Johan Gabrielsson, and written and produced by Mark Forstmann, Climate Changers follows acclaimed scientist Tim Flannery as he searches for the missing ingredient in our fight against climate change – leadership. Where are the climate leaders who will drive change? How might they succeed where others have failed? Tim Flannery poses these questions as he meets global leaders from the corridors of power and frontlines of climate change. Climate Changers delves into what frustrates Tim, what motivates him, and explores where Tim believes the solutions lie to humanity’s greatest challenge.

“For a long time, there has been a gap in climate leadership. I wanted to dig deeper, work out why we are so lacking in climate leaders, and talk about how we can tackle this challenge. I met with some incredible minds in the making of this film, people who are out there doing incredible work. I hope some of the ideas explored can empower policy-makers and the broader population to instigate the changes we so desperately need.”
Tim Flannery

Following its world premiere at the 2023 Sydney Film Festival, where it was shortlisted for the Best Australian Documentary Award and the Sustainable Future Award, the vital documentary Climate Changers  screened  in cinmeas nationally  from  September 2023. You can now see Climate Changers on SBS here 

Watch Trailer Here

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