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Owners Club

Antidote Owners’ Club – when the internet is not enough One Club to Own them All! The Antidote Owners Club is your chance to own our whole, growing collection on DVD – still the most reliable, highest quality way to watch a film, without going to the cinema. At...

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School Life

"JOYOUS AND HUMANE" A moving, heartwarming look at youth, thoughful discourse, and the emotional and intellectual power of artistic endeavours." ~ Gary Garrison, The Playlist "Without a doubt, viewers will recognise a beloved figure from their own school years in the...

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Monsieur Mayonnaise

Film Overview: Monsieur Mayonnaise Running time: 1hr 28min Rating: M (mature themes & nudity) The Moras are well known in Melbourne for their work in contemporary art and bohemian eateries. Less known however, is their story before moving to Australia in 1951......

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The Coming War on China

The Coming War on China, directed by John Pilger, breaks a silence, that the US and China may be on the path to nuclear war. See details of the film, reviews and how you can see it.

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The bases are loaded but what is the game?

Still Home on the Range... are nuclear 'games' near? In 1982 I made a film called Home on the Range - about US Bases in Australia – a rather obvious title that told the reader the USA were “Home on the Range” in Australia (I even used the tune as an...

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