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Welcome to Antidote Films
Antidote Films is one of Australia's leading independent distributors of high quality, thought provoking Australian and international documentary and feature films.
Antidote Films is only part of the story. Cinema Ventures, Australia's first (and still the only) non-profit film distributor, shows how your community action group can use many of the films found here for fundraisers and filmmaker Q&A screenings.
Discover beamafilm and the world to come. Most Antidote titles (and many more) are available on-demand, via beamafilm, streamed directly to your computer or digital TV.

At Antidote we believe thought provoking films are made to be seen much more widely. That's why we offer them to you in as many forms as we can: in the cinema, on DVD, on TV and streamed to your computer, no matter what platform you use.
see     think   •   act

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